Installation Instructions – Deluxe LED Kit

Deluxe LED Kit

Deluxe LED Kit

Thank you for purchasing an Active Armor Deluxe Jetpack Beacon LED Kit!  The LED kit is designed to be installed in any jetpack beacon with a removable cap.

The kit includes:

(1) Beacon LED Controller Board

(1) LED with lead wires

(1) LED diffuser cap



With the jetpack beacon already installed on the jetpack, the LED kit is very easy to install in 4 easy steps:

1) Push the clear LED diffuser cap into the unscrewed beacon cap.  Ensure that it is seated as deeply as it will go.

2) Push the LED into the cap ensuring that it is fully inserted.

3) Feed the LED lead wired down through the beacon shaft.  You will notice a small piece of shrink wrap over the end of the wire.. this is to make feeding it through the beacon shaft easier.

3) Secure the Beacon LED Controller Board to the inside of your jetpack, somewhere near the top by where the beacon is mounted.  As the Controller Board is very light, this is easily completed with velcro.

4) Pull the protective covers off of the ends of both the controller board wires, and the LED wires.  You will see that on each pair of wires, one wire is gold, and the other silver.  Simply connect the gold to gold, and silver to silver.  Once the wires are twisted together, wrap each with a small piece of electrical tape to stop the red from touching the black and causing a short circuit.

As the jetpack beacon can not be removed from the jetpack while connected to the Controller Board, only solder or crimp the wires together if you don’t intend to remove the beacon.

Once the Deluxe LED Beacon Kit has been fully installed, connect a 9v battery to the supplied connector.  Like with the Controller Board, attaching it to the inside of the jetpack with a small piece of velcro will suffice.

Your jetpack beacon now has 4 different illumination modes.  To cycle through the modes, simply press the button on the Controller Board.  The modes are:

1) Solid ON – LED stays illuminated

2) Fast Blink – LED blinks at an interval of 250ms (1/4 second)

3) Slow Blink – LED blinks at an interval of 500ms (1/2 second)

4) Pulse – LED pulses on and off

If you have any problems or questions about your beacon kit, please don’t hesitate to contact me at