User Feedback

The EAS continues to be installed in costumes around the world.  Here are a few of the things its users have said about the system:


“I finally had a chance to test out the EAS unit you sent me and it works great.  Excellent clarity of sound with the small speakers” – California, USA

“It works really well for me using the headphone configuration. For me its a trooping game changer to be able to easily hear what’s going on outside my bucket!” – Ontario, Canada

“I got mine just the other day. ..installed in a very short time and I am very happy…I will need an other one for my havic” – Connecticut, USA

“Installed mine last weekend – it sounds better than my regular hearing. Can’t wait to rock it this weekend – thanks Shawn” – Ontario, Canada

“Hey troopers, I just ran this unit in my bucket last weekend and I have to say best improvement to my costume this year. I was able clearly hear kids talking behind me to avoid tripping on them. Conversations were not awkward due to inability to hear outside your bucket. It was actually weird removing my helmet and disengaging from the system (maybe I need hearing aides). Thanks Shawn for broadening my environment to include outside sound. For TKs I highly suggest going the in ear bud version to avoid any feedback issues. Didn’t experience any issues with any of the electronics I ran in there (mic amp, 2 9 V fans, MP3 player and this unit). Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.” – Ontario, Canada

“This worked way better and as I was doing a huge troop around 120,000 people
outdoors on Saturday I was able to hear everything way clearer and even people
behind me. :)” – Australia

“Shawn, my first EAS install in one of my buddies RC Helmet went great and the sound quality is amazing!  Mic tips are concealed in the front aerators and the speakers mounted inside along the ear column with plenty of room to slide the helmet on and off.” – California, USA