Installation Considerations

Although installation of the EAS is simple and straightforward, there are a few things that should be understood and kept in mind during the installation process to get the most out of your kit.

  • The amplification board is intentionally made to not be TOO loud.  If it were too loud, it would cause a feedback loop with its microphones, rendering the system useless.  To get the greatest volume from the kit, use earbud headphones in place of the speakers.
  • Speakers should be installed as close to the ear as possible.  Not only does this maximize the amount of volume you can hear from the system, but also helps isolate it and your ears from other noise.
  • Do not mount the mics anywhere they will be touched, rubbed, or brushed.  Although such actions will not damage the mics, it will be LOUD in your ears!  Because of this, take care if mounting the mics near or under cloth.
  • Large helmet fans can be troublesome for the system, as they move a lot of air and cause vibration through the helmet.  To minimize the effect of the fan noise/vibration, try to move the fans away from the mics, and ensure that they are not blowing directly on them.  When possible, use a piece of foam between the fans and helmet to dampen the vibration.  It may also be a good idea to glue the mics to foam, then the foam to the helmet, to isolate the mics from the helmet as well.