Installation Examples

The EAS is a relatively simple and flexible kits to install.  Having only 4 main components (mics, speakers, amplification board and battery pack) connected with plenty of wire means that you have lots of options with regard to installation.  Here are a few installation examples from folks using the EAS.

My Speaker Installation Method

This is the method I used to wrap my speakers for comfort and install them in my helmet.  The only difference between these photos and my installation is that I hot-glued my speakers to the helmet, as opposed to using Velcro.

Foam is glued to the back of the speaker. Use the thickness of foam that is most appropriate to place the speaker directly against your ear when wearing the helmet.

Get some cloth.. the softer the better! I used an old T-shirt

Tack some of the cloth to the edge of the foam with hot glue

Glue the remainder of the cloth to the edge of the foam.

Neatly trim the excess cloth and glue down any puckers or folds










Speaker is wrapped. Just attach them to the insides of your helmet and you’re set!

















Stormtrooper TK Helmet

In this installation, mini mics were chosen, and installed into the teeth.  As the mic faces are black, they are virtually invisible from the front.  The regular mics could have been used just as easily.

Mini mics glued into teeth with hot glue

Mics backed with foam for sound dampening. Foam later changed to black foam.

Amplification board and battery pack velcro’d into helmet. Note how the owner has used the ribbed cable bundle to neatly manage wires.