Jetpack Beacon LED Kits

Deluxe LED Kit

Deluxe LED Kit

Two variations of LED kits for Boba and Jango Fett jetpack beacons have been designed, Basic, and Deluxe.  Each kit is designed to fit into any jetpack beacon with removable cap with an inner diameter greater than 9.6mm.  The diffuser length can be cut if required.


The Basic LED kit simply consists of a super-bright white LED, diffuser cap and 9v battery connector.  The purpose of the Basic kit is to provide a very affordable modern facsimile to the screen appearance jetpack beacon.  While an incandescent light bulb was used for the movies, low power, low heat replicas are often more suited to long-term trooping.  This kit illuminates the LED as long as a battery is connected.


The Deluxe LED kit is a bit more sophisticated, consisting of a microcontroller board to provide a number of LED modes.  While the LED and diffuser cap are identical to that of the Basic kit, the Deluxe version is able to blink and pulse in addition to just being on.  Pushing the button located on the controller board cycles through 4 modes:

1) Solid ON – LED stays illuminated

2) Fast Blink – LED blinks at an interval of 250ms (1/4 second)

3) Slow Blink – LED blinks at an interval of 500ms (1/2 second)

4) Pulse – LED pulses on and off

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